First Line Wellness Clinic 

Dedicated to finding the root cause of what ails you. 

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Welcome to First Line Wellness, LLC

At First Line Wellness we are dedicated to Wellness and finding the Root Cause of what ails you.


We are not your standard ‘get em in get em out’ clinic.  We spend one hour for initial visits, and 30-45 minutes for follow up visits. We provide Primary Care with the goal to maintain Optimal Wellness, not just disease management.  We want to know what you eat, how long you sleep,  and how you relax in addition to what your primary complaint is as these are important components in overall health and wellness and can be triggers for chronic disease.


Functional Medicine is the philosophy of medicine practiced at FLW. Functional Medicine focuses on treating the root cause of disease searching for Deficiencies, evaluating Stress, Sleep and Relationships. It is a holistic approach to health care looking at the whole body not just one system.   For more information on functional medicine we encourage your to go to: