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Dena Geiger is a long time resident of the Flathead Valley. In 2012 she  completed her Masters degree in nursing from Frontier Nursing University and started working at Evergreen Clinic doing primary and urgent care as a Nurse Practitioner.


Dena has been a registered nurse since 1995, spending 18 years between a local gastroenterology clinic and North Valley Hospital Birth Center.


Dena is also a Board Certified Nutritionist specializing in Functional Nutrition since 2007.  She is furthering her education in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine and will be a Certified IFM provider in early 2018.  The core of Functional Medicine is individualized care.


Finding and treating the root cause of chronic illness and preventing chronic disease in the first place is a passion of Dena’s.  Dena uses both traditional pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical supplements as well as nutritional intervention to best meet the individual needs of her patients.