First Line Wellness Clinic 

Dedicated to finding the root cause of what ails you. 

First Line Wellness, LLC 2017  Privacy policy

Description of Services Offered


Wellness Exams- Annual wellness exams for men and women


Sports Physical Exams- $40 cash for established patients, $60 cash new patients

can also bill insurance.


Urgent Care- drop in between 12:00-1:00 or call to schedule appointment for any illness

or simple procedure. Complex urgent care matters may be referred out.


Labs-Labs are drawn in house.  We offer some of the best prices for labs in the valley for cash payors, send out labs for advanced cholesterol testing, stool testing, and a small amount of genetic testing.  


Allergies- We test and treat food and seasonal allergies. A major part of treating food allergies is to begin with healing the gut. Essential to all health issues is a healthy gut. We begin with this through nutrition and key supplements.  In addition, some allergy shots may/can be incorporated into the plan of care.  In 2017 we will be offering ‘LDA’-low dose allergen injections for food and season allergies, more effective and safer than standard allergy shots. There are only a few providers in the state who offer this and none in the Flathead Valley. Please enquire.


Arthritis- a chronic issue that can often be relieved with safer herbal anti inflammatories and diet.


AutoImmune- Auto immune reactions such as Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjourns syndrome among others can be vastly improved with key dietary changes and nutrient support. While they will never be ‘cured’ it is possible to decrease  and improve quality of life.


Blood Pressure- Did you know hypertension or high blood pressure is also known as the ‘silent killer’ ?  Strokes, heart attacks and death are very often to blame for this silent killer.  Early treatment and prevention with key nutrients and lifestyle changes

Celiac Disease- a relatively common but rarely diagnosed autoimmune disease that can affect the gut, skin and brain. Simply treated with diet and nutritional support to heal the body.


CDL/DOT Exams- Certifield Examiner starting at 100.00 cash pay.


Cholesterol- A very important and essential component of overall heath.  At this clinic we look deeper into your cholesterol make up and assess healthy and unhealthy components and work to improve each individually.  Did you know cholesterol is essential for production of testosterone and vitamin D?  If levels are too low or two high this can blunt the process of these two important hormones.


Crohn’s/Colitis- a disease of the small and large intestine often kept in remission with key diet, lifestyle and supportive nutritional support.


Depression and Anxiety- Either one of these can suck the life out of you.  While they often need to be treated with medications for optimal improvement. Food sensitivities, celiac disease and nutritional deficiencies  and past trauma can be a source of the illness. Looking for and correcting these problems, along with counseling if needed can relieve a lot of symptoms and occasionally medications can be weaned.


Diabetes- Type II disease is of lifestyle often can be improved and occasionally reversed with healthy diet and lifestyle changes.  The best approach being prevention. At FLW we are very diligent about preventing and reversing this disease in the early ‘pre-diabetic’  stages to prevent medication and organ damage associated with progressive disease. At times medication is a necessary component of treatment which may also be prescribed. Diet and lifestyle are key to preventing and reversing diabetes we are dedicated to helping you achieve these necessary changes for optimal heath.


Gastrointesinal Issues- in functional medicine the first step in any chroic illness is to heal the gut.  An unhealthy gut can be the root cause for gas, bloating, depression, autoimmune disease. We offer advanced stool testing for chronic or tough cases.


Hormone Management- Balanced hormones are essential for optimal health. Diet, stress management key supplements and at times bioidentical hormone replacement when needed. Saliva and blood testing available. We treat adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone problems.


Bio Impedance analysis-not currently available .